About GenerationLove

GenerationLove was specially developed as an online dating site for singles aimed at assisting local matchmaking agencies. GenerationLove gives tested matchmaking agencies with appropriate expertise and experience access to an Internet platform, thus enabling them to provide modern matchmaking services online. Local matchmaking agencies undergo testing and must agree to adhere to the work ethics and standards of GenerationLove. The aim of GenerationLove is to provide singles with professional assistance in their search for a partner.

GenerationLove is a network of local matchmaking agencies. In comparison with other dating websites for singles, GenerationLove.com has the advantage of combining the online search for a partner with personal consulting services. Together with the local bureaus, GenerationLove has many years of experience in successful matchmaking. GenerationLove provides a dating platform for posting lonely hearts advertisements. At the same time, GenerationLove serves as a dating site for singles, allowing members to communicate and connect with each other. You can either register to use the website via a local matchmaking agency or register directly on the matchmaking site homepage. Engaging the services of a local matchmaking agency offers women, in particular, protection during their online search for a partner.

East-West matchmaking

One focus of the GenerationLove concept is East-West matchmaking. In countries such as Ukraine and Russia, there is a considerable gender imbalance. According to a census, there were 10 million more women than men in Russia in 2010. Statistics for Ukraine show the excess of women over men to be 3.6 million. For women in countries belonging to Eastern Europe, the family is very important. But owing to the severe gender imbalance, many women are unable to fulfil their wish of starting a family. This is why in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, many women turn to local matchmaking agencies for assistance in their search for a partner.

The concept offered by GenerationLove, consisting of an assisted search for a partner on the Internet, has proved very successful in recent years. According to reports from local matchmaking agencies in Eastern Europe, GenerationLove is one of the first choices for many women and enjoys an excellent reputation as a professional East-West dating site for singles. The main reasons for this are cited as being positive experience with GenerationLove and the professionalism of the matchmaking services offered. In particular, it is important for many women that the professional online matchmaking services offered are clearly distinguishable from non-committal cyber flirting. Another reason is the large number of contacts generated via GenerationLove.

Options available when searching for a partner via GenerationLove

GenerationLove offers users the chance to browse through lonely hearts advertisements. After registering on the dating portal, singles can post their own lonely hearts advertisement and take advantage of free services aimed at assisting their search for a partner. These free services include initial flirting contacts and various search functions designed to assist the search for a partner. In addition, GenerationLove offers fee-based services. However, the registered user does not enter into any long-term commitment, but only pays for services he actually wishes to use. In order to take advantage of services extending beyond the free flirting contacts, the user can acquire so-called “credits”, which are then used to settle fees.

Singles on GenerationLove have a host of options at their disposal to assist their search for a partner. The platform offers singles the chance to send and receive letters. Postal charges on GenerationLove are generally lower than standard postage rates for sending letters abroad. Our range of services also includes the use of video chat rooms and phone chat rooms, the inclusion of an introductory video in your profile and the GenerationLove Flower & Gift Service.
As a special service, GenerationLove.com provides free assistance in translating letters and communicating via phone or video chat. Via this free service, GenerationLove makes it possible to communicate and search for a partner across language barriers.
GenerationLove is by no means merely a flirt portal. GenerationLove is intended for singles seeking professional matchmaking services and aiming to find a life partner. Many users report that GenerationLove has been recommended to them by friends and family.

On GenerationLove every profile is checked by hand

Every profile on GenerationLove is checked by hand. Protecting users from deception and scammers is of major importance to Sevastin. In order to provide a reliable service on the Internet and protect users from deception, every registration is checked for plausibility. Members can report any attempts at abuse or deception. Every user will find tips and information in his account on how to behave on the Internet.

Who is GenerationLove suitable for?

GenerationLove is intended for people interested in:

  • a service with long-standing experience in East-West matchmaking
  • an online search for a partner in conjunction with personal consulting services provided by local matchmaking agencies in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus
  • benefiting from long-standing experience and high-quality matchmaking services
  • receiving assistance in their search for a partner via a wide range of service offers