About DatingWalk

The web platform DatingWalk.com is an international social networking site based on a special social dating concept. Users can register and post a personal profile with the aim of making contacts and connecting with people who share similar interests. DatingWalk offers a variety of options for building new relationships and friendships and interacting with other people. For singles, DatingWalk is the ideal matchmaking site, while for others it serves as a forum for finding travel companions; DatingWalk is also sometimes used as a means of meeting up online for language coaching. DatingWalk offers a host of opportunities for making contacts, and it supports this service via a variety of functions.

A wide variety of options

A search function enables you to find members with similar interests. Every registered member can list his qualities and interests and make them visible to other users. The user has a variety of options available for defining his search objective, e.g. chatting, matchmaking, travel acquaintance, language coaching or inter-cultural exchange. A communication system helps you make initial contact, allowing you to send and receive emails or communicate directly. Connecting with other members is assisted by a photo gallery, a rating function and the option of sending virtual gifts. The aim is that, after connecting with each other online, DatingWalk users will go on to meet in real life in order to deepen new relationships and build new friendships.

DatingWalk as a matchmaking tool

For singles in search of a partner, DatingWalk acts as a dating site. But unlike matchmaking sites, such as GenerationLove, the purpose of DatingWalk is purely to provide a flirt portal. DatingWalk is a popular forum for singles and allows you to meet singles from your own town or region. As is so often the case in life, experience with DatingWalk shows that friendships and relationships frequently come about even though the original reason for making contact may have been an entirely different one – the search for travel companions, for example, or acquaintances to provide language coaching. For singles from Ukraine, Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe, DatingWalk is often used as a forum for singles and for an East-West partner search. Similarly, DatingWalk is popular as a dating site for singles in South America, Asia and other parts of the world, and helps to make new contacts, build friendships and find true love.
In order to make it easier to connect with people across national borders and language barriers, DatingWalk is offered in several different languages. Privacy protection and user security are top priorities for DatingWalk.

Tested by hand and verified

The avoidance of abuse and protection of users are integral parts of the DatingWalk concept. In order to avoid deception, every account is tested by hand following registration. Scammers are not admitted to the site. In addition, DatingWalk offers a self-verification function. After enabling this function, your verified member status is displayed to other users. Protecting users against Internet scams is of major importance to us.

Who is DatingWalk suitable for?

DatingWalk is intended for people interested in:

  • Chatting, pen friendships, leisure activity partners
  • Friendships, acquaintances and the search for a life partner
  • Regional partner search, East-West partner search, partner search in South America and Asia, international partner search
  • Language coaching
  • Inter-cultural exchange