Flower and gift delivery

You can order flowers online and arrange for them to be delivered at the press of a button. The Sevastin Flower & Gift Service is an integral part of our concept and is available via existing internet platforms, such as GenerationLove.com. It allows users of the GenerationLove site to send flowers and gifts to other members from anywhere in the world. Flowers speak a language of their own and are an established means of human communication. This not only applies to the search for a partner. Experience shows that despite its many advantages, modern digital communication is no substitute for the language of giving. The expression “Say it with flowers” is still as apt today as it was centuries ago. Every bouquet of flowers conveys a message. Flowers are traditionally the perfect means of demonstrating love or affection. The Sevastin Flower & Gift Service provides users with the opportunity of communicating in this way.

The art of giving and its significance
Experience shows that flowers speak their own language and indeed can convey a great deal without the use of words. By presenting flowers or gifts, people convey their love, appreciation, joy, sympathy or congratulations on special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, awards or weddings. According to an old proverb, flowers say more than a thousand words, which is why even centuries ago people regularly presented each other with flowers as a means of expressing something special. This hasn’t changed to the present day. There are endless ways of saying, “I love you”. Those who shy away from saying it directly, say it with flowers.
Flowers appeal to our senses and stimulate our creativity. The Internet is a powerful tool and can make communication easier. But it is no substitute for the language of flowers. The freshness, the scent and the pure beauty of flowers have to be experienced to be believed. This is why Sevastin offers a flower and gift delivery service in conjunction with its online platform for connecting and communicating with people. And if you would rather not rely solely on flowers to do the talking, you can also include a personal message when ordering.


This service is currently available to persons using the East-West matchmaking site GenerationLove in their search for a partner. Both the sender and the recipient must be members of GenerationLove. Women from Ukraine or Russia can enable or disable the service on GenerationLove. As shown by widespread experience with GenerationLove, flowers enrich online communication and are very popular in connection with Internet matchmaking services. The Sevastin Flower Delivery Service makes sending flowers quick and simple.

And if you wish, you can also surprise your sweetheart with a little gift from our GenerationLove Shop.
GenerationLove cooperates with local matchmaking agencies, which provide members with help and support in their search for a partner. GenerationLove also works with these local bureaus for the purpose of delivering flowers and gifts. As soon as an order is received, the recipient is notified. Flowers are freshly sourced from local florists’ shops. As local presence plays a major role, this service is not available on the matchmaking site DatingWalk.com. DatingWalk is purely an online platform with no links to local matchmaking agencies.
Products available from the GenerationLove Shop are known to provide value for money and are of high quality. By delivering direct to the recipient via local partner bureaus, GenerationLove cuts out the middleman, thus ensuring that flowers arrive in prime condition and the price is kept as low as possible. This flower and gift service is personal and reliable and complements the online matchmaking service.

Bringing joy through giving

Romantic blooms for Valentine’s Day, a colourful bouquet as a sign of appreciation on Women’s Day, Mother’s Day flowers, roses as a symbol of love or to wish a speedy recovery or as a special birthday surprise – there are lots of reasons for bringing people joy. People give flowers as a means of conveying a message. This custom goes as far back as the Middle Ages. Even centuries ago, it was customary for men to present women with flowers. Subsequently, the so-called language of flowers emerged. Flowers came to have specific meanings. This symbolic language can be found in countless poems and works of literature. In the age of digital communication, the language of flowers has by no means forfeited its significance. In the case of Internet acquaintances, it is common for people to send flowers across distances of thousands of miles in order to let flowers do the talking and bring someone joy. The leitmotif of the GenerationLove Shop is therefore a quote from the German author Clemens Brentano: “Love alone understands the secret of giving to others and thereby enriching oneself.” Over the centuries, experience has shown this to be an unerring truth.