Translation services

The Sevastin Translation Service facilitates communication across national borders. In an age of globalisation, language barriers frequently constitute the boundaries of our times. Although in many respects communication is made easier by the Internet, it still comes up against language barriers. Where this happens, the Sevastin Translation Service bridges the gap, allowing communication to take place despite differences of language, mentality and cultural background. This is an additional service module used on the web platforms operated by Sevastin. This service is currently available to users of the matchmaking site GenerationLove. However, the manual translation service is not offered for the DatingWalk site.

Removing language barriers in the search for a partner on GenerationLove
The translation service is a manual service allowing users of GenerationLove to conduct an East-West partner search despite language barriers. Love speaks a language of its own, according to a well-known saying. Nevertheless, first impressions are all-important, especially when in the search for a partner or the initial stages of a relationship. A few words can have a massive impact. If two people do not share a common language, translation services are a fundamental necessity. That’s why GenerationLove, in its capacity as an East-West matchmaking site, offers a manual translation service and a straightforward means of communication in conjunction with its matchmaking services for men and for women from Russia and Ukraine.

Communication and language

It is a well-known fact that proper communication is the key to relationships. This applies to both personal relationships and the work environment. The purpose of good communication is to facilitate understanding, ask questions and provide correct answers. The basis for a good marriage is good communication. The same applies to the search for a partner. In the case of bilingual relationships, verbal communication can present an additional challenge. Anyone considering embarking on a search for a partner in Eastern Europe, Asia or South Africa should bear this mind.
GenerationLove offers a solution for overcoming language barriers in connection with matchmaking services. In order to ensure that language does not pose an obstacle, GenerationLove cooperates with a network of selected local matchmaking agencies in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and assists in the online search for a partner by providing practical services. This has proved invaluable in the past, especially in connection with the search for a partner in Eastern Europe. Should you come up against any communication difficulties in your search for a partner, GenerationLove offers practical assistance. The success of GenerationLove speaks for itself. When singles relate their experience with GenerationLove, they always commend the support they have received from translators, who demonstrate a high degree of sensitivity when assisting in the search for a partner and accompanying men on their first dates with women in Ukraine and Russia.

Language and mentality

It is not only communication and language barriers that can pose obstacles to the bilingual search for a partner, but also differences in mentality and cultural background. If you understand the language, you’re likely to be in a somewhat better position. However, you should never be too sure of yourself. It does not always suffice to simply understand vocabulary and rules of grammar. While the predominant trait of the German mentality is rationality, people from Eastern Europe are more emotional and South Americans more feisty. Just as people from different cultures perceive things in different ways, so too their words can have different meaning. A good translator, therefore, should also be an intermediary who understands different cultures and mentalities and is capable of interpreting them. Experience shows that electronic translation tools are of little use in these circumstances and are often the cause of words being misinterpreted or misunderstood. When searching for a partner, a single misunderstanding is enough to eradicate the initial attraction, with the result that a promising acquaintance comes to an abrupt end before feelings have even had time to come into play. It was these considerations that prompted us to help GenerationLove users overcome language barriers by means of a manual translation service.