Ukraine travel portal is a travel guide containing authoritative background information about Ukraine, one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. The aim of the travel portal is to bring people together and provide inspirational insights, tips and information for future trips. Travel is a wonderful way of bringing better understanding, respect and tolerance to the world we live in. The Ukraine travel portal provides interesting information about the country and its people, the culture, the historical background and sightseeing attractions. Practical tips on hotels, holiday apartments and train and bus connections are of invaluable assistance when planning your journey.
The information about Ukraine displayed on the website is compiled by local experts. For every sizeable place, we provide a selection of accommodation and restaurants, travel links and phone numbers of official taxi companies. is the ideal travel guide for business travellers as well as those travelling for personal reasons. In addition to providing expert background information and a description of the sightseeing attractions, the travel portal offers a host of other practical Ukraine travel tips.

Travel is the cure to prejudice

Travel also helps to combat prejudice and further inter-cultural understanding. Hence it is never a bad idea to undertake foreign travel and form your own impressions. Experiencing a country and its people at first hand, particularly if you steer clear of the regular tourist paths, enriches and broadens your horizons.
As Sevastin operates in Ukraine, we came up with the idea of pooling experience and sharing it with other people who may be interested. Despite being Europe’s largest country in terms of surface area, Ukraine is still a little-known tourist destination. In fact, knowledge about Ukraine is desperately lacking. Should you decide to explore Ukraine, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the country, the varied landscape and the hospitality of the people.

Acquaintances in Ukraine

If you want to connect with lots of people in Ukraine, you can make new acquaintances there even before setting off on your travels. Social networking sites, such as or the online matchmaking site allow you to make East-West acquaintances and friendships before embarking on a trip. Thanks to the Internet, you can connect with people in far-off places. New acquaintances are often the reason for planning a trip, and a trip to visit friends is all the more enticing.